Dravid & Bowling

Dravid might not have been a bowler but the all-rounder argument Sidvee makes   can be extended further by realizing how much of an impact his departure will make on good bowlingl.

The number of absolutely un-playable corkers delivered from bowlers to get batsman out every year for one thing will certainly take a hit. No other batsman perhaps in the current game had made bowlers work for his wicket more than Dravid, and through that fact alone one got to experience the  bowlers applying a bit more of their brain (in this age of t-20s, god knows one doesn’t see that enough). Invariably it was only an absolutely un-playable delivery that often got the better of Dravid.

I don’t remember any other batsman for instance getting as many corkers as Dravid. Who can forget Sachin’s first ball bowled against Shoaib Akhtar (off a good, yet nothing that impossible to handle delivery) at the Eden Gardens, but what people often side-line (as has been the case with Dravid his whole career) is the much more fearsome delivery the one-down batsman received the previous ball.

How about this (one of the, if not THE)  best delivered by the left hand of god himself.

Or this one by Shoaib Akhtar again more recently

(I am sure you can find many such examples…these are just some that have made it through my extremely biased Pakistani memory bank)

The point of this all is no at all to point out Dravid’s deficiencies, but to in fact pay homage to his astounding ability at pushing himself to the limit.  More importantly though at pushing his opponents along the way and evoking them to display their best. On most occasions the opponents were just not good enough, on others they would try to match up but still flounder at the sheer resilience of the man tapping his bat at the other end. But on those few occasions that he did come up against an opponent worthy of the competition we were often blessed with some thing special.

So thank you Dravid for not only your vigil and absolute master-class in batting….an institution in itself, but for helping us realize the best in bowling as well. You were indeed an all-rounder.


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